UTBF International

Founded by H.E. Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche as an NGO first in Nepal in 1992 for the preservation and promotion of the centuries-old wisdom and compassion for the humanity, UTBF, now in various places of the world, is dedicated to the spiritual advancement of people worldwide through promotion of the principles of nonviolence, social justice and mutual understanding. Specifically, UTBF endeavors to preserve and promote the rich traditions of the Buddhist teachings, improve educational conditions for the general public and deliver basic spiritual help, healthcare and emergency relief for those in need.

UTBF Int’l supports organizations of not-for-profit UTBF Buddhist centers round the world, most of which are nationally registered societies. Inspired by an attitude of universal responsibility, UTBF Int’l is committed to supporting various UTBF projects in the fields of spirituality, education and health care around the world without boundary.

Current Project

Presently, we are focusing all our energy on supporting the world renowned Lumbini project taking place at the birthplace of the Buddha. We are working together with UTBF Nepal in establishing the Center for Learning popularly known as Lumbini Udyana Mahachaitya. We expect it to bring tremendous benefit to people around the world.

All donations received are used solely for the purpose of supporting not-for-profit projects such as this one. We thank you for any amount of donation.


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